Types of Driving License in India

Relevantly, the Driving License plays an important role in maintaining rules and regulations on the roads and in heavy traffic. Besides, having a driving license promotes discipline when it comes to driving and mobility. Therefore, the “apply for driving license” portal is essential to visit once you turn 18 years old. Moreover, while talking about India specifically, apply for driving license is important as the driving license works as a legal document for your car/bikes and other transport vehicles. Adding on, trying “Apply Driving License” can be beneficial for you as it also works as identification proof. 

Also, once you apply for driving license, it permits you to drive a specified vehicle. Therefore, never avoid the “apply for driving license” policy before starting to drive, as it can leave you in trouble. Also, you have to face several consequences of driving without a driving license, such as monetary compensations and disqualifications. Therefore, it is relevant for everyone to follow the “Apply Driving License” portal, which you can conveniently try via “online driving license apply” service. But if you reside in Delhi, then you can specifically apply via the “online driving license apply Delhi” portal.  

Importance of Driving License-

  • Firstly, having a driving license is relevant not just in India but in most countries, as it makes you eligible to drive a specified vehicle category. And the number of vehicles that you can drive on the road are two-wheeler, four-wheelers, and even commercial vehicles. But remember, a driving license only promotes driving inside the territorial boundaries but not outside. That’s why it is best advised to get your Driving License via Apply Driving License portal without any further delay. 

  • Next, your driving license works as a legally official document. Besides, the government of India will issue you this Driving License if you are an Indian citizen and owner of any driving vehicle. Such as cars, trucks, buses, bikes, etc., specifically meant to drive on the road. But, if you are seeking more information regarding the same. Either jump on the “online driving license apply” portal. Or you can visit the “online driving license apply Delhi” if you reside in Delhi. 

  • Now, keep in mind that things are not as easy as they seem because before getting a Driver's License, you must undergo several driving tests. And these driving tests are conducted under traffic rules and regulations. So keeping the primary knowledge regarding traffic rules and regulations is a must. To do this, visit the “Apply Driving License” portal.  

  • Undoubtedly, learning driving skills enables all the comfort and convenience in everyone’s life. But, “apply for driving license” only helps you when you become 18 plus, below 18 years are ineligible for this. But in case of a violation, the candidate’s parents can be legally held liable, as per the rules. Therefore, to know more about these traffic rules, briefly, visit the “Apply Driving License” portal or jump on the “Driving License apply” portal.      

Different Types of Indian Driving License-  

In India, it is relevant to have a driving License if you want to try your driving skills on the main roads. However, things do not end here, as, in India, there are different driving licenses issued by the RTO. And to learn about these licenses, either follow the downward steps or visit the “Apply Driving License” portal:  

  1. Commercial Driving License

Basically, the commercial driving license in India gives liberty to the driver to drive heavy vehicles on the roads and highways. Besides, these commercial vehicles are meant to transport passengers or goods for business purposes. Moreover, to become eligible for this commercial driving license, you must have cleared the 8th standard examination. But remember, your responsibility is bigger if you are a commercial driver, as per the safety measures. Therefore, standing out on the eligibility criteria must “apply for driving license.”

  1. Learning’s License

Most people might not know that the road transport authority first hands you a learner's license before issuing you a permanent one. Moreover, the learner's license validity is up to 6 months only. Also, as per the RTO, this 6 months validity is given to you to polish your driving skills within that limited period. And to take more precautions, the learner should be with someone perfect in his learning period.  

  1. Permanent License

Once your six months learning period is over the RTO hands over a permanent license to the applicant. Remember, to become eligible for the permanent license, the applicant must have cleared the driving exam and should be 18 years old as well. Moreover, you can easily apply for a permanent license simply via the “Apply Driving License” online portal. And one more thing to remember is that the RTO will only issue the permanent license if you have private vehicles such as cars and bikes. On the other hand, giving a permanent license also shows the RTO's assurance of the applicant’s driving skills.   

  1. International Driving Permit

Last but not least, applying for and having an International Driving Permit can work for you if you are about to move to a foreign land. It is so because having an International driving license permits an applicant to drive and rent any vehicle outside India or in any foreign land. Moreover, if you want to know about the same, take help from the “Apply Driving License” portal. Or visit the “Apply for Driving License” portal. Remember, the RTO will only issue you this International driving license if you already have a permanent driving license. Furthermore, unlike the remaining driving license, the International Driving Permit(IDP) validates for up to 1 year. But, you can apply for the IDP again once it expires.