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Types of Driving License in India

Relevantly, the Driving License plays an important role in maintaining rules and regulations on the roads and in heavy traffic. Besides, having a driving license promotes discipline when it comes to driving and mobility. Therefore, the “apply for driving license” portal is essential to visit once you turn 18 years old. Moreover, while talking about India specifically, apply for driving license is important as the driving license works as a legal document for your car/bikes and other transport vehicles. Adding on, trying “ Apply Driving License ” can be beneficial for you as it also works as identification proof.  Also, once you apply for driving license, it permits you to drive a specified vehicle. Therefore, never avoid the “apply for driving license” policy before starting to drive, as it can leave you in trouble. Also, you have to face several consequences of driving without a driving license, such as monetary compensations and disqualifications. Therefore, it is relevant for everyo